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Originally Posted by Asbjørn View Post
I like diesel estates / sports wagons because they are more economical in terms of tax and mpg. And as long as you do not go off-road, you get the practicality of a SUV, while there is less drag, weight and so on to kill the mpg. All wheel drive and automatics also (used to) kill mpg. This is bad when fuel prices are almost twice those in the US/China.

And why not get the estate? The sedan is already a 4 door and not exactly a single-seat race car anyway. Even the coupe versions often weighs almost the same, and handling differences shouldn't be that major. I think the BMW estates look very very good, and for any young single man, looking like a "family-type" is actually not a bad thing!

Many males naturally buy cars that other males like. Then later they do not understand why they only get admiration from this group of people...

I think many girls like SUVs because they are bigger. They feel they are safer and easier to drive. But while a bigger car may look safe, if you think about it, it will be harder to stop and easier to roll if involved in a motorway accident. Anyhow in countries like the US and China, where fuel is cheaper, and bigger is sometimes just better, there are a better markets for SUVs than estates. This "bigger is better", I guess, also explains why the 6-series is larger than the 3-series coupe. There is an image attached driving bigger cars of the same brand... Even if it offers little sense, from an engineering point of view, people just like to pay for it. Its probably also why BMWs always grow a little in size with each generation.

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