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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
335i is much more similar to the 330D in performance A 330D would leave the 328 for dead from any speed in any gear. It'd leave a 335i for dead at most speeds in most gears
Not sure where the idea comes from about the 535i... "for dead..." Performance is performance, and matches pretty much, within fractions of a second. You mean the 330d will 'feel' faster, but not in absolute terms.

If you were to boot either in auto form, the performance would be virtually identical, just one would see a few more revs.

Using the 530d vs 535i as a comparison, the petrol is about 0.8 sec faster in the standing kilometre. Can imagine the 330d vs 335i would be similar.

However we break up the increments, in-gears, etc., through the gears there's nothing in it, when both are stretched.