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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
RFT tire wear will vary by your driving style as well as road surface condition. i.e. in Florida, some of our roads have ground up coral, shells, etc. in the asphalt and this can be hard on tires.

If you change to non RFT tires, no need to worry about pressure sensors, etc. All will work OK. Just consider a patch/inflation kit in case you get a flat.

If I was to worry about anything its to find a tire shop that has a leverless tire changer such as the Hunter Auto34. This helps to insure your rims don't get chewed up when changing tires.
I'm planning on using my 18" summer performance tires for a year and then swapping to new wheels and non run flats, probably Hankook Ventas V12's with a patch kit.

Swapping out the new tires & wheels and trying to sell them on Ebay seems like a PITA which is why I wouldn't do it immediately. What are others doing??