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Originally Posted by utenigma View Post
225 just seams so skinny to me

If I could sneak a 9" rim on the front I could push up to 275 on all corners - I just don't want to make it dynamically worse chasing width
I've heard of E46's being able to go 10.5" in the front and when I did the spring install the front of this car feels A LOT like the e46 so I don't think your 9" idea is crazy, but I wouldn't go past 265 without going to 9.5"

Turner raced their M3 GS car with 275's all around this last season but I would imagine that car has some work to keep the geometry where they want it. The rolling resistance while greatly increased would also be somewhat negated by the massive negative camber.

Prodrive made the P2 with only 235/235's and it was one of the fastest cars on top gear. Ferrari built the 458 with only 235/295 while they could have gone larger. I believe the GT car runs with something in the 275/335 area.