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Originally Posted by oop north View Post
Yes, quite sure thanks I am not in the habit of making things up - not that you have any way of knowing that of course I did point out that two colleagues disagreed with me, and also said that I have a bit of a thing about tyre noise, so it is quite a personal thing

Did a 50-mile trip today, with my wife as passenger - and here might be the answer: she really hated the wind noise, but she thought the road noise was absolutely fine. I am the other way round - the tyre noise is extremely irritating, frankly, and means I could not live with the car on 18" wheels. If it's not better on smaller wheels, I will not be getting one (and yes I can afford it, thanks, so no "envy" here if that's what you're thinking ). I have a business I can put it through, though by the time I pay tax on the benefit I might as well buy privately

There was more wind noise today, perhaps because it is windier, I am not sure

But it seems that the frequency / pitch of the noise from tyres drives me nuts (very close to giving me a headache today after 20 minutes on the Mway to Blackpool from Preston), whereas the frequency / pitch of the wind noise irritates the lovely Helen.

Jolly annoying as in every other major respect, I thought the 330d might be just the car for me - reminded me of my lovely E39 530d (and an E39 525d touring I had before that) in many ways. I really don't want a bigger car than the F30 but I want hush and waftability more than rapidity
There is a "FIX" for cars that leave the factory with "wind noises" BMW are well aware of it , and should not have sent you out in a car not rectified, they change the front windscreen surround trims and replace all door seals, thats the only way to stop the noise.
My first test drive in the M Sport saloon had me back to the dealership complaining of said noise and it was just unacceptable if they had not given me other cars to try which had been put right there is no way I would have ordered one.
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