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Originally Posted by Pauldramos View Post
I'm heavily considering picking up an AH3. It is not the highest mpg option available but it's global warming score is fantastic. It is a great option for me since I don't like tinny, gutless feeling of the Prius but want luxury and sportiness of my M3 & X5 cars. I am going to check one out today.
I'm coming directly from a 2012 E92 M3, which I absolutely loved. Sure, the AH3 is no M3, but it is a really quick, fun ride.

Just driving into work today in my daily Accord, I start realizing just how often the motor is running, at lights, coasting to lights, etc. Seems like 25% of the time, the motor is running with virtually need to propel the car forward. Just burnin' gas... Driving the AH3 just makes me realize how much of a smarter car it is, vs. traditional offerings. This kind of thing make so much sense, I'm sure it will start taking off, not only within BMW's range, but throughout affordable cars in the next 10 years.

Definitely try to drive one. I'm not naive to think it's the right car for everyone. But it's definitely an interesting way to go about living with a "fun" car.
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