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No worries - the dealer needs to persuade me, that's their job. I am still concerned as there seems to be a problem with my ears hearing a particular frequency worse than others, that frequency being specific to tyre noise

I had a really fantastic drive across country last night (took a friend out to the pub) - I am happy with the handling of the SE with standard suspension, so no need to look to M Sport at all (for me). Would like to get HK, sport seats and visibility pack, I think, as a minimum - and i could possibly go for a touring. The F30 is the only thing that has grabbed me, really, though my wife isn't keen - not sure I want to find out how long it would take her to forgive me though...

Dealer trying to get me interested in one of the special deal 320EDs (auto, metallic, bus nav, leather, heated seats, sun prot glass for 326 + VAT a month for 20k miles pa over 3 years - biut none of the three things I really want!) - think they might be getting bored of me humming and harring so much as I have been emailing them for about a year now, and they just want me to buy something!