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Originally Posted by nikneo View Post
That really blows! Hope you get your car back soon. I plan on getting the ASS coded on mine once I take delivery as well.. hopefully they don't brick it. It's hard enough waiting months to take delivery.. teasing you for a week and taking it away indefinitely won't sit well with me
Here's what happened as I understand it...

Apparently, the car was so new, the software they had at the dealership for the 2013 335 xdrive sedan was older than what was already in the car. So, they had to obtain the new software from BMW, which they apparently did, but in the process of changing the actual setting, one of the modules got corrupted. BMW is "in" the car trying to sort out what happened and get it back to normal.

I just find it bizarre it's such a fiasco to change a simple setting. It's also ridiculous that the dealers have to go through so much to get software the BMW should be providing when they program the cars with whatever version at the factory. This was the first time the dealer did this ASS setting... the notice form BMW allowing dealers to do it one time for free just came out so they are expecting more of these to come soon because people hate that stupid feature almost unanimously.

So we'll see what happens. SM called me 10:30a this morning and said they were still working on it. it's now almost 3p now and I have not heard back so it looks like I'm stuck with the X3 over the weekend... if not longer!
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