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I don't have a disturbing tire noise on my f31 330d,but indeed once you pass 160km/h you hear the wind blowing on the car,never notice it on lower speed. Engine is great!!! Gearbox is a masterpiece (sportautomatic) I had in the last 2 years: the mercedes c 220,E92 320d,and the E91 320d this is the best one yet comfort is amazing even on 18's didn't go for the adaptive suspension. Everything alse was checked on the option list.
Ps the black panel is a must on the car don't forget to order it!!!( that and the camera in the trunk due to the sice)
And for the people who are hesitating between the 320 and the 330 !!!! Go for it! Each acceleration is worth it!!!
It isn't agressive due to the gearbox i think,but it is amazing...
I am just annoyed by the range,if you drive like me (sport 90%) it is around 500km's I am always around 10,3 liters/100km...but once you are overtaking a car with this power/couple it makes you forget it
It pusches you indeed in the back of you're seat,gently but firm

For me the options that I like the most are;

Black panel,iphone and gps integration

Harman kardon

Adaptive xenon works really well

8at sport gearbox but it isn't worth 500 dollar to me,here in europe it is an option of 144 euro I wouln't pay more ...(paddles)

The size of the sunroof

And you really need the pdc at the front can't see the end of the front...