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Originally Posted by Hznbrg View Post
On the same topic, has anyone been able to get mail messages to show in iDrive messages?

I downloaded the latest update and successfully installed it with the USB drive in the glovebox. It was very simple; iDrive found the file on its own. I can now see text messages but mail messages have never shown up. Any ideas?

I'm using iOS 6 on iPhone 5.
No, it's not a feature that's available yet. Texts only at this point.

However, it was announced by Apple a few months ago that Siri integration will be possible with iDrive and that's coming very soon. In fact, you can make Siri work right now. The only thing that's missing is the initial button press to launch Siri on your phone. From that point forward you can talk to Siri hands-free over the BMWs microphone and speaker system.

While driving, pick up your iPhone and press and hold the home button. Put the phone down. Ask Siri what the weather looks like for this weekend or to call the closest Chinese restaurant for a reservation.