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Originally Posted by vince88 View Post

What's your experience with the X1?
Any of you come from a sedan?
Any regrets?
Pros and cons?
I just had it for 3 days as a loaner. It was Xdrive 28i with premium and cold weather. Sincerely, I couldn't wait to get out of it. One of those three days I had my wife drive it to work and I drove our second car (Jetta TDI).

In May this year I had to rent VW Tiguan because the only other car on the lot was Prius. Normally I would never rent anything but a car (no trucks, SUVs, CUVs, minivans for me) but didn't really have a choice. Well, turns out I preferred to drive that VW rather than this X1, it was rental special FWD Tiguan without options, weaker engine (still 2.0 turbo, but only 200 hp) and no options.

I'm sorry to say so and don't want to offend anybody who owns it, but the ONLY positive thing about this X1 loaner was steering (much better than VW Tiguan). Even brakes felt iffy and that's a first for me in a BMW branded vehicle.