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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
get the F30.
ive driven the X1 as a loaner before and i hated it
the one thing i hated the most is the circular defogger (i think its called) lines at the rear windshield. maybe just because im not used to it but it just looks bad.
That's funny to have that much hate for a relatively trivial thing.

I ended up getting an X3 for my wife and the CA actually took the time to explain the logic behind the circular defrost lines....I'm guessing they get a lot of questions about it.

Anyway, I can't speak of the X1 as I haven't driven one, but I enjoy the X3 for weekends out with the wife & kids.

That said, if I had to chose between an X1 (or X3) and an F30, I'd go F30 all the way.
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