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Aussie urban fuel consumption

Hey all,

I am a newbie considering a 328i and can finally start my own thread! I have to say that the f30post forums have been an excellent resource for me to research owner experiences of the f30 series cars.

The one thing i want to know is what the real world fuel consumption is like. I know there are a heap of threads on the topic, but the one consistent issue i find is that the respondents are always in the US or UK and oftentimes in rural areas / have lots of highway driving.

Since i live in sydney, i would like to know real fuel consumption for our crappy congested road system where we don't have as many proper freeways as the US and UK. Sydney also has a considerably hillier terrain compared to many cities in the US and UK (particularly the east and northern suburbs), so i don't find stories from arizona, california, germany or new zealand particularly relevant. Our fuel is also different and i only use 98 octane.

So i would be interested in hearing particularly from the sydney 328i owners, but any aussie urban dwellers. Would be interested in your average, driving conditions, fuel type and engine type.

For me, i know that whilst the 328i is a sports car, i only feel like chewing through fuel on the weekends, not the daily urban commute... Hence my question.