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Originally Posted by JamesMA
So I am coming to a light and the ass hat in front of me stops right when it goes yellow, I would have gone through it as there was tons of traffic because of construction.

Fine, we were going slow and I stop, no big deal. So 2 secs go by and slam, the guy in back of me rams me!

I am bullsh!t and get out of the car. Turns out the d-bag behind him had been texting or something and had slammed full tilt into him without stopping, sending him into me. I end up with two notches in my rear bumper from his front license plate screws. Guy in the middle get his car sandwhiched big time. His rear was totalled and front end much better.

Cop was there because of the construction, so no problems with fault etc.

I will need (and get!) a new bumper courtesy of someone else's insurance, but I am still pissed

Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.
Sorry to hear. I know exactly how you feel

After just a few days of ownership and less than 600 miles, I got a hit & run in a mall parking garage. The corner of my front bumper got scraped to shit. It's hardly noticeable to most people, but I know it's there. $350 to repair.

I've come to realize that this is the reality of parking/driving in a city like Miami. It sucks but no matter how much you try to avoid it, you have to expect that these things will happen and just deal with it.