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Originally Posted by Hznbrg View Post
Yes, I'm aware of Apple and BMW's upcoming Eyes Free feature. That'll be great, as the built in voice command is ancient compared to Siri. Any word on whether not this feature will be available on existing BMWs via software update, or will it only be available on new BMWs?
Apple and BMW have said nothing, but "full" Siri integration is already 99% available in all iDrive's right now.

The only thing missing is a button press on the steering wheel to initiate Siri in the first place. One can imagine a press-and-hold on the "voice" button or a double-tap on the "voice" button and that's that.

Siri can read text messages to you with just one command and can compose and send text messages with just two commands. Right now, Siri can't read/compose email but I'm sure that's coming too.

The real Siri question is this: Will BMW allow Siri to send driving directions to the iDrive system. Saying "find Chinese restaurant" is nice, but it isn't that good if it can't send it straight to the nav.