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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
Don't unzip anyhing. iDrive does that. Put the raw download on there. Make sure nothing else but that one file is on the thumb drive. Don't put it in a folder, has to be in the root of the thumb drive alone.

Start the engine, wait for iDrive to fully boot up, past splash screen, etc.

The thumb drive goes into the armrest USB port, not the glove compartment.

After the thumb drive is inserted, wait 20 seconds, let it be recognized. Don't rush it.

Go to settings, hit Update, it'll work.

Well, this didn't seem to work. I'm going to try it with a few other thumb-drives.

It continues to give an error something like, "No USB stick with update found..."

EDIT: Oh well, that didn't work either. Tried with another drive. The USB ports have been working with music etc. without any issues.

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