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Post Canadian European Delivery

Hello all,

This is my first post on this forum, and probably more to come. I have decided to move ahead on the purchase of a 335i with M Sport package towards the end of January. I will at the same time check off an item on my Bucket List and take advantage of the European Delivery and make a vacation in Europe as part of it.

I would like to know from any of you living in Canada what was your experience with ED, especially the part preceeding picking up the car: lead time to order the car, once the dealer checks ED, what happens next ? even if the dealer isn't fully experienced with the process, will Munich take charge and be proactive ? when is the date for delivery determined in the process ?

Anyway, any info would be appreciated. I would like to be prepared before walking into the dealership and be ready. I pretty much have the car configuration with options nailed down. One thing that happened recently though: as I was building the car on the BMW Canada web site, it would not let me choose Glacier Silver with the M Sport package. Fortunatelly, the Canadian Ordering guide available on this forum clarified this and confirmed that this colour is in fact available with the M Sport package