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335i Start Up Rattle in Rear Drivers-Side Exhaust... Normal?

Yesterday, I started my car w/ the door still opened, and I heard for the first time (assuming, because the door was open) a rattle coming from the drivers-side rear exhaust. I had someone listen to see where it was coming from, and it appears to be the damper inside the exhaust (which closes on start up), but seems as though it is rattling inside the exhaust as it closes. The rattle is only for a second and stops, but doesn't sound very good.

Can others w/ a 335 try starting their car (w/ the door open) and listen to see if their cars are making this noise as well. Trying to figure out if that's just the way the car is, or whether I have something loose (fyi - I don't hear anything when starting the car in the cabin w/ the doors closed).

Would appreciate perspectives.

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