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Originally Posted by woderd View Post
That is what I am looking for "It gives an option to change damping in idrive."

Funny story, I ordered a 335 without DHP then I had the dealer order me another car with DHP after I found out that xdrives do not come with a true sport suspension.

So I just want to make sure the dealer does not try to give me the car without the DHP

As you can see I have a hard time trusting people lol
While it's debatable if you can trust anyone, it's clear that you should never trust a car dealership. Their business practices are repulsive, they thrive on manipulation and, with rare exceptions, the people you see know very little about cars. (The techs working on the cars are usually knowledgeable, but you rarely get to interact with them.)

Be sure you get a printed Vehicle Inquiry Report for your car, ideally while it's in status 112. Then, do the research online to identify every code on the VIR to make absolutely sure your are getting what you ordered. Forget any excuses the dealer gives you about combinations being "unavailable" that BMW says in the brochure are available. That means the dealer either can't figure out how to configure what you want or they won't bother to try.

Get another VIR when the car goes into production (status 150). And, to make absolutely certain your car is what you wanted, once you get your VIN, go here to check it one more time:
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