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Originally Posted by DMonE621 View Post
Question: I am coming from an Acura TL 06 and just ordered a 335xi without DHP. I drove my bro's BMW E90 which was an 335i, and it is the reason I am moving to BMW. I test drove an F30 but it wasn't an Xi, so are you saying my car will ride differently that an 335i?

Im supposed to take delivery on my car in two weeks (so excited), but if the ride is different I might tell them to order my another F30 with DHP.

Curious to know if anyone has an experience driving both an F30 i and xi, and what there thoughts are?
I have an MY12 F30 N55 ZSL. In that short model year, one could buy 2VL without also buying 2VF (in MY13 these two options are only available in the bundled ZDH).

IMHO, 2VL doesn't add much. If you are turning quickly and whip the wheel past about 90 degrees, you might notice the most subtle possible quickening of the turn-in. Subtle to the point of not being there, but it was only $300 extra in MY12.

ZSL includes 704 ("M-sport suspension"). I didn't order 2VF because I was worried that with the summer tires that are included in ZSL the ride would be bone-jarring as it was on my 2006 E90 330i WITHOUT the sports package.

But I have been blown away by the comfort AND handling of 704 -- so there's not a day I have missed 2VF.

Your problem is that you can't pick one of the two handling options in MY13. It's both or neither. If it were me, knowing what I know now, I'd have ordered a RWD F30 without ZDH.

IOW, an F30 with ZSL or ZMM and the included 704 suspension is, IMHO, an absolutely perfect balance between handling capabilities and daily driving. And I doubt you'd even know you had 2VF.

Now, to the question of xDrive vs. RWD. There are many threads on this. Purists (me included) say if you get an F30 with xDrive, you are inevitably going to compromise handling. I live in Boston and am lucky enough to have a winter beater for the (maybe 10) days a year driving a RWD F30 would be insane.

xDrive boosters claim not to be bothered by the penalties in handling, weight, complexity, mileage and cost.

What's not up for debate is the way BMW configures xDrive F30s. It's telling. If you order xDrive, you can specify summer tires but then BMW deletes 840. You can have AWD and all-season tires, but the car isn't the same. If you want summer tires and AWD, you can have this "bastardized" version, but it makes very little sense.
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