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Originally Posted by Rick955 View Post
I may have to come to see you for additional coding when BMW gets mine together again!! Like to get a few other things turned on/off... like holding the lock button on the key to close windows and close mirrors, and show exact readings on TPM for example. bet. Though I'm no coding expert, I found it pretty easy to follow the cheat sheet.

Now, I don't know how I lived without mirror-folding from the fob/CA, real-time TPM, unlocking on engine off, no disclaimer and the best hidden feature of all: weather band.

It just makes me shake my head that BMW has all these killer features in the car and hides them -- not just from owners, but from the dealers as well.

I've been trying to get the BMWCCA chapter in Boston interested in holding coding events -- they're ignoring me. And I think they are missing out on building a bunch of new interest among members. Some of these guys, despite what they say, are not that welcoming to guys like me for whom the best wrench is an Ethernet cable.
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