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F30 Interior Lighting Demo

I've always been impressed by the interior lighting in the F30. The colour is nice, the cabin is well lit up and the ambient lighting at night time with the lights on is gorgeous. I have mine in "Mode Luxury" so it's white.

Anyway, there have been many threads on the night time ambient lighting - on the doors, pillars, roof, etc...

However, I don't recall anything on what I've spotted!

The main lights in the roof are also very clever. Unlock the car and they all come on (that's centre, right & left individual lights, both front and back as you will know). But here's the nice touch, if you open the drivers door (or passenger doors, but we'll use the driver as an example for now) the relevant individual light/reading light will illuminate further whilst the rest of the cabin is dulled, highlighting the driver compartment only. When you're in and the door is shut, the footwell lights that were activated shut off and the rest of the interior is once again illuminated.

It's just the little things like that which make you smile, so I thought a video was in order!
I've even made it 1080p for you


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