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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post

Regardless I agree, can you justify the added cost? For Me ABSOLUTELY NOT! The price of that car is 1M/M3 territory. NO thanks.
"Added cost" is a bit exaggerated here. First, there is a $3500 Eco-credit, which makes the delta between AH3 and 335i an even $3000. Second, dealers will likely be more willing to negotiate to (close to) invoice on an AH3, vs. a 335i. Mine dealer was, giving me very close to invoice (before any incentives) on the AH3. My delta in price vs. a comparably-optioned 335i. So my delta was $1000. Now, for that $1000 difference, you get several "free" options on the AH3, Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Warning (5AD) and Speed Limit Info (8TH), both $0 options, savings of $700. Heated steering wheel is also $0. So, now my delta is ~$300. For that $300, I get the updated Nav, and guaranteed improved fuel economy. Seemed like a no-brainer to me. Especially considering the AH3 felt faster than a 335i, during my test drive.
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