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Originally Posted by CKau View Post
Based on what you have said, if canadian pricing is such that the X1 has more toys than the 328i and you have experienced getting stuck in snow in winter, then the X1 sounds the way to go.

Also in winter climates dont you get salt sprayed on the road? The X1 clearance and additional underbody protection would mean less issues with corrosion i would have thought?

If economy is a factor, the australian spec x1 xdrive28i uses 7.3l/100 km vs 6.3l/100km for the 328i. Real life economy would vary more. I notice the heavier the car is, the more fuel is used compared to the official fuel rating.

In your Situation i would ignore the economy factor and think about your winter needs and the value for money equation. You have your wife's car if you want the sports car experience.

Still, you havent yet heard from someone who prefers the X1. Maybe you should post in that forum to get their perpective?
Hey CKau,

Thank you for your reply!

The getting stuck was a real pain you're right. The clearance, even if minimal, I'm sure would make a difference.
My driveway is about 70 meters long and after a snowstorm, it's a real battle field to get out of it. (Yes I have a snow removal company, but obviously, they're never there when you need them)

Yes, the roads are sprayed with salt, however, since I always lease, I dont really care about corrosion, which you are totally right, ruins cars if not protected and maintained.

I'll test them again on Monday and make my decision based on the drive alone.
I'm sure I could get used to the easy loading of my hockey gear and costco shopping! LOL