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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Cash credit, goes against final negotiated price.
Thanks. Checked it out and since I'm already getting my 335i at invoice the delta is $3K. Sure you get a couple extra toys thrown in, but they aren't toys I care about.

Given that this is 1st year of the AH3, and that its a new approach for BMW, I think I'll pass for this generation. I also read the car and driver first drive where they explain the AH3 technology. Its quite complicated stuff! As soon as I read about the engine shutting down while coasting on the highway, I said NO WAY. Let them perfect that before I have one in my driveway.

Don't get me wrong, I wish you tons of luck and happiness with the car. And a bit of me will be envious of your new Nav system. But then again in my 2010 I think I used the actual Nav maybe 20 times in 3 years. Its more about all the other stuff that comes along with it such as heads up display, etc..

In case you didn't read the Car and Driver First drive, here's the link: