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Originally Posted by dcg71 View Post
Region/Country (chars 1-2): "WB" - Europe, Germany
Now that I think about it, it was probably one of the first F30s in the country. It was complianced in Feb 12 around the time of the initial launch. So, maybe the first batch to Aus came out of Germany?
Your conclusion is correct, but a lot of VIN decoders on the internet are dated. For example, all current 3-series have "WB" as chars 1-2 whether they are built in Germany or S.Africa. Here's an old VIN decoder from 2009:

The following 2 VINs are from dealer cars on When entered into the WWL shipping website they reveal the following:
WBA3A52040F253661 - shipped from Bremerhaven in January
WBA3A56000NP03452 - shipped from Durban in July

If you enter your VIN into the WWL shipping site, you can confirm your car's shipping details.