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The Exhaust Came Today....

Well it has arrived as scheduled $900 shipped from that ebay auction I posted alink to last week.

I can see why some of your overall impressions about the quality and the welds. It looks like the OEM system so not much to look at besides the tips.

On a side note it came with some directions, and I will add this, I seriously cant believe that dealers are charging $200-$300 to install this thing. I have owned some pretty insane cars in the past and done my own mods, from superchargers to full k member and long tube header swaps all done by me, this will be a walk in the park. Seriously this is a $50-$60 jobbie at a local exhaust shop. The hardest part for me will be putting the car up on my ramps and on jack stands. I dont think that the total labor will take more then a 1/2 hour. Stand by for my DIY....

Also for referance I rented the exhaust cutting tool from Autozone for a refundable $50 upon return.
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