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Originally Posted by idjitdragon View Post
Just upgraded from a XR6 Turbo to a 328i on the Monday before cup day. I'm still scouring the web studying up all of the things the BMW can do, it's like trying to get a pilot's licence compared to the Ford

I'm still driving the 328 conservatively for the first 2000 kms but to date it can't match the XR6T for shear fanging fun accelerating up an on-ramp.

Oh - and mine's Melbourne Red in Melbourne too.


You will probably find this handy

You'll definitely have more fun after the run in period in sports + mode.

Found this online for the XR6T "The sprint from 0-100km/h takes around 5.6 seconds "

The 328 matches that speed IRL. I'm just starting to use Sports + more regularly now at 800kms . In the meantime keep the rev below 4 which is hard.