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Originally Posted by ny325 View Post
My friend traded in his 2009 E90 328, for a F30 sport line 328. All along, he told me that he didn't like the beak, and how the car felt. We both went and test drove the sportline F30, and neither of us was impressed with the way the car felt compared to our E90s. When I asked him what made him change his mind, he said I just want to have the newest model, even though I'm not really feeling the F30. He told me that he really misses the heavy, tight feel of his E90. I told him hopefully he gets use to the F30. Has anyone switched to the newer model, just because it's new and regret their decision. As for me, I'm keeping my E90.

I just traded my 2008 E90 for an 2013 F30 M-Sport. I wasn't sold on the front of the F30, so I decided to lease it short term. (BTW, there are some pretty good deals out there.) I'm hoping that BMW will make the front look better on the LCI model. If I put the car in M-Sport mode, the car feels much more like my old E90 w/ sport package but the new car is much more nimble and quick. The amount of torque of this four-cylinder engine is impressive, to say the least.

Personally, I did not like the "heaviness" of the E90. Feeling the road was a "love-hate" relationship. It was grounded and great to drive on smooth roads. On rough roads, it was a creaky, rattling disaster. Unfortunately, the roads where I live are not well paved, so driving my E90 was annoying.

So far, I really like my new F30. I just wish the ASS function wasn't so jerky.