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I wouldnt have gotten my f30 if there wasnt an Msport option as I feel the other lines bodys look ugly and plain. The sport line isnt too bad but takes a few mods to make it to my taste. Cosmetics aside I bought mine because of the awesome mpg.

During my whole european delivery I had 5 people in the car and a trunk full of luggage drove about 1500 miles and averaged 27 mpg which blew my mind. With those kind of numbers I could do 40+ easy or my commute to work. First new car and I love every part of it.

At the end of the day its up to each individual to decide if its what they really wanted. I don't let other peoples judgements of the car sway my decision. Use the car if you like it awesome if you have second thoughts then its not for you find something that fits you and not something that you think will fit for everyone else.
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