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Glad I found this thread. I have been trying to research this for so long.

So basically there are four options to escape from the thin "no-line" steering wheel.

Option 1: Get a $10 slip on steering wheel cover from auto zone. Right now that is what I am doing.

Pros: Cheap
Cons: 1) Looks awful 2) makes the steering wheel even bigger. 3) Lose Heating functionality

Option 2: Get hold of some custom upholstery shop to add foam and wrap with custom leather.

Pros: 1) Will look better. 2) Not as pricey as rest of the options.
Cons: 1) Steering wheel becomes even bigger 2) Lose heating functionality

Option 3: Upgrade to M-Performance Alcantra steering wheel without new airbag.

Pros: 1) Looks better than leather (subjective) 2) Smaller 3) Substantially thicker 4) Not as pricey as remaining options
Cons: 1) As OP pointed out, will not fit properly. 2) Lose heating functionality

Option 3b
: Add new airbag to Option 3. Will make it more expensive but perfect fit.

Option 4: Add M-Sport leather steering wheel with round airbag

Pros: 1) ) Looks better than alcantra(subjective) 2) Smaller 3) Substantially thicker 4) Retain heating functionality
Cons: 1) Probably the most expensive option (close to Option 3b)

So if money is no bar, then its got to be either option 3b or option 4. Both options should cost almost the same, with options 3b basically trading heating functionality for alcantra.

Any ideas on prices for M-sport leather heated steering wheel and the airbags?

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