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F30 335i M Performance Exhaust Install DIY (with Exhaust Clips)

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As I said here is my DIY for the M performance exhaust. Not very difficult. The dealerships charge hundreds of dollars to do this and its so easy. It took me about 1h and 15m because I took photos and stopped a couple times.

I paid $900 for the exhaust shipped to my door and $0 for installation.

Please do this at your own risk. Iam not responsible if you mess something up. If you feel like you cant, dont attempt it. Take it to someone.

Exhaust cutting tool, I rented one at Autozone for $50
17MM socket
Wire (golf tee mod)
Wire cutter
Pry bar or screwdriver.
Car ramps or jack stands.

If you guys have any questions just ask. Hope this helps, and Enjoy the exhaust.
Sorry for the few typos I was typing fast trying to get done so I can go watch the Bears game.
EDIT: Fixed Typos.

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Took some videos before and after I bolted on the M Performance. I used my Iphone5 so hope it came out ok. I pointed the speaker towards the exhaust for better sound.

EDIT: Here is the video after 1000 miles. Its "borken in". I think it sounds deeper, and it did get louder. I expected this reading up on past threads. I think its the perfect amount of exhaust noise and its not intrusive at all. If you get a killer deal on it I suggest get it.
Its a warm start, revs are up to 4k, golf tee mod done flap fully open. I started in comfort mode and switched to sport in the end of the video.

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