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Originally Posted by woderd View Post
Even though you jacked my thread, I can give you the answer you are looking for.

First the F30 335 you test drove, was it the sport model? If it was not, and you liked the ride then you should not have a problem without the DHP package on your car.

If it was a sport package then it means it had the sport suspension, your 335 xi will have a softer ride.

f30 335 xi sport models do NOT come with a sport suspension (this sounds stupid but its true) I went through the same thing and had my dealer re order the car with DHP

The only way the suspension actually changes for the driver with the comfort/sport modes is if they have the DHP package.

Now I am betting that your going to have your dealer re order the car, which sucks because now you have to wait all over again.

Sorry for the high jack! I appreciate the insight, and the car I test drove was a F30 RWD, so that means my ride on my xi will be softer, which SUCKS!

I will test drive the ordered xi, and report how the ride compares. I have a feeling I will be reordering!