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this is all i thought was essential when i ordered my 328i , didn't think anything else was really worth spending money that could be spent on other things non car related

sport auto
estoril blue paint (ok maybe this one is not a must have...)
and i'll activate sirius since i probably couldn't drive a car without it at this point (i've had XM or sirius since 2005...)

i actually want leatherette (leather in my audi is kind of warped after 3 years, and itll be similar quality "dakota" in the 3) , i never use a sunroof (had it in my last 2 cars), dont care about adaptive suspension since im fine with sport all the time, dont care about nav (android phone is probably better at entering destination to begin with), dont care about all the tech doodads like parking / rear view. didnt think h&k sounded much better than stock (and i listen to mostly sirius anyway which is low bitrate..)

i did sort of want the HUD just for the cool factor, but can't get it seperate from nav... so that was the one thing