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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Be careful with used models of the RRS ballhead. I read of an instance or two of the ball separating. That's certainly been fixed with new units. If the price isn't that different, you may want to just get a new one.

i've shot with my Arca-Swiss Z1 and the RRS. They're very close in function. One of these top ballhead is really a great investment. They give a really solids setup for long exposures and/or big lenses.

Note taken.

According to the manufacturer's specs, my manfrotto pistolgrip should be able to support my 70-200 hooked to the D800 without a problem, but its not as precise as I would want it to be. It doesnt stay locked on target when I release the clamp; even with friction at the max.

Might as well sell it since its almost brand new, buy the RRS and call it a day. The BH-55 from RRS can handle the biggest lenses so I know I will be ok whatever setup I got on there. And since I might get the 200-400 one day; might as well buy my new ballhead with that in mind.
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