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Yes I share your point of view on that. Some pieces of gear dont age; so might as well get the best and take advantage of them for years. I really love my Gitzo CF 2531LW Tripod. Its a very well invested $500 and it will last forever. Light, compact, and doesnt get cold in winter. Winner on every point. But I need a better head on it since my manfrotto 322RC2 grip fails with my 70-200.

What I like from the BH-55 from RRS is the size of the knob and its sturdiness. As much as I believe a lot of ballheads out there can be as sturdy as the RRS for the application I would make of it, most of them got a very small knob or locking tab; depending on the model. I got big hands and hate having to deal with knobs sometimes as small as a dime.

I took a look at Gitzo's ballheads too, but RRS's are almost the same price; under $100 price difference; and not quoted as good under heavier loads.

I also have a couple panning projects in mind, but currently dont have this option so I'm looking to get this option on my new head for sure.

It narrows down the option a lot; and the remaining ones are not cheap.
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