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Originally Posted by juice13
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Absolutely. I've driven my share of 120d, 320d, 330d all with MT's. To me anyway, the fun part about having an MT is to be able to rev the engines, then perform the perfect shift.

With diesel engines, you get to play with 3-4k RPM's, then you have to shift again. Also a pretty jerky experience too.
Yes yes yes.

Back a few years ago I drove an X3 diesel manual around France for a few weeks and wanted to punch myself in the groin. Just when the fun starts as the revs rise, it ends abruptly. Shift shift shift.

I can't think of a driving experience more opposite than say, the holy grail of bimmers, the E30 M3.

I'm not a diesel hater, just don't think most people have driven a manual one.
My '10 VW TDI was manual. My '11 335d is auto (obviously). VW, 240 lb•ft. BMW, 425 lb•ft and almost an extra 1/2 a ton. 2nd-3rd WOT in the VW = whiplash. 2nd-3rd WOT in the BMW = BFG. All these Alphas screaming for a manual in the "d" is idiotic. The first "d" I drove, I was 13 and the damn thing had 2 shift levers and you had to double clutch every gear. My dad thought it was hilarious setting me behind the wheel of his '67 Peterbilt. Me, not so much.
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