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Originally Posted by bnekic
Originally Posted by MidgetInBikini
This thread is so interesting.

Also, I did get in contact with BMS reps via email and both of the person i talked to said that when using their JB stage 1 for N20 engines - it will be invisible / no CEL or code - basically its safe without the need to delete these codes when going in for service. I wonder if this true. (Ofc to detach all tunes bfr going in to dealer).

I need real tuner whom have used JB1 and serviced their car under warranty with no problem. Anyone?

Replies much appreciated.
If you just spoke with the people that made the product and they told you no codes will be thrown, what more do you need?

You just spoke with the real tuners. If you are getting an oil change done or whatever else you can leave it installed. Now if you are going in for warranty work I would remove it.
Oh. I thought they check the computer every time we service it even for an oil change.. Anyway dumb question but, is it safe to use jb on all stock engine? Not gonna blow up or something right haha