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Originally Posted by penguin_of_death View Post
Yep, I'm with Maestro and Isaac Newton on this.
For any given vehichle speed max acceleration occurs at peak power. But in a specific gear max acceleration occurs at maximum torque.

If the god like 'infinitely variable gearbox' was an option all you would care about is peak power.
Not quite. For any given vehicle speed, max acceleration occurs at peak torque. Maximum acceleration always will and only can occur, by definition, at maximum torque.

And if the infinitely variable gearbox were available then to reach the maximum rate of acceleration, you would only care about peak torque. To reach maximum speed, you would need to gear to maximum power
Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Nice write up ......but wrong Power is the real engine performance indicator
Physics would like a word with you

Remember that power is only the ability of a system to do work over time. Peak bhp is the point on the torque curve of a car where, for a given speed, the maximum amount of torque is available to the wheels. Sounds like it contradicts my earlier point but it's subtly different. Again, it's all to do with gearing. I could show you the equations but equations are really hard to do on a forum

Does that make sense?
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