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Originally Posted by TMP View Post
Hey mate. Interesting question and one I am asking myself quite a bit at the moment.

1) Not sure I am a fan of the cockpit, few things not as good as the e90. This of course is the same cockpit as the F30, so bit of a mute point!
2) That engine, when you start it in the morning wow its just so Fcuking looud and when you do go 4k+ and over double wow.
3) Fuel economy is relatively poor, but v.good for a car of its performance. If you drive it like a granny, it will do mid-30's easily ans low 40's on mway.
4) Handling /chasis / brake setup v.impressive as well - really does feel totally planted (much more so than a M Sport). I can see why it made it into the Evo car of the year!
Interesting comparison. Unbelievable economy from an engine with that power.