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Given the same gear ratios, yes. The 30D would "pull more G" than either a 335i or an M3. However, given gearing, the torque is multiplied at the wheels and so the actual peak acceleration of either is going to be higher when they're on full afterburner; especially the M3 because it's a high revving beast

I think this is where people (and by people, I mean 335i owning Americans) often misunderstand what I post when I bring up the subject. I have never debated whether or not a 35i is "faster" than a 30D, let alone an M3. All I have ever tried to point out, and now with a bit of layman-physics, is that under "normal" driving conditions, the 30D is actually, really and measurably faster than both.

If I can be bothered, I might even look up the gear ratios and see if I can find some torque curves for both the 30D and 35i and plug them into some equations in Excel to give an absolute rate of acceleration for any given speed in each gear. At least then we'd know precisely at what speeds and in what gears each is faster than the other

Who knows, I could end up looking a complete chump and find that the 30D is a slow, lumbering ox compared to the 35i but I suspect that isn't the case
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