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My ED Travel Itinerary, Advice Happily Accepted

I've put together an 8 Day European Delivery trip. I'm grateful for any do's and don'ts.

First, because of work travel issues, I'm not taking delivery until the end of my ED trip. It just unfortunately worked out that way. Maybe it's a blessing I won't be exposing my new pride and joy to the elements and harsh road conditions. And rental cars are surprisingly reasonable in Germany. I'm renting from Sixt a BMW 1er, a hot hatch. I may upgrade to a 328i.

First, thank you to the Dackel's Car Museum Guide. Loved the pictures. I'm traveling alone, so it's a guy's vacation. 3 auto manufacturer museums are on the docket.

- Leave Los Angeles 12/27, Arrive Munich 12/28. Check-in into the ArtHotel Munich. I'd don't know why I decided on where I was going to stay. Price was very important since I'm traveling alone (who cares, right?). It looks like a cool place. I'll take pictures and post. Anyway, rest up for a two hour drive to Stuttgart the next day.

- 11/29: Stuttgart. I'm really looking forward to this day. First, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in the morning; then the Porsche Museum in the afternoon. I think that is going to be a long day. Check-in to the Ibis Hotel Stuttgart City.

- 11/30: Romantic Road, Wurburg. The Residence & Marlenburg Fortress. Later that afternoon, 1 hour drive to Rothenburg and check-in to the Hotel Sonne. Any restaurant recommendations is appreciated. I must have hearty German Brats or sausages, etc. while in Deutscheland.

- 12/1: Romantic Road, Rothenburg. I'll explore this medieval city. I've no idea what I'm going to do there yet. Later that afternoon, drive 2.5 hours to Hohenschwangau (or Fossen) and check-in into the Villa Toscana. Villa Toscana? I'm still in Germany, right?

- 12/2: Romantic Road, Neuschwanstein Castle. Visit Mad King Ludwig's Castle in the morning and early afternoon. Then the long 5 hour drive to Maranello, Italy. Check-in into Agriturismo CaPenelope. This place looks fun, but it is Italy and I'm slightly concerned it could be an epic fail. There are donkeys on the property.

- 12/3: My Hajj to Ferrari. I'm huge Formula 1 guy and Ferrari is my team. Of course, I'm going to hit the Galleria Ferrari. I think there is a bus tour of Fiorano. Whatever tour the folks in red are selling, I'm buying. I plan to eat voraciously, if not violently in Italy. I'll be on quest for fine prosciutto and pasta. The whole day is devoted to Maranello and I'm staying a second night at the agriturismo. I hope the ducks, the donkeys, dogs, cats, cows, etc are out so I can visit them.

- 12/4: Breakfast with Fernando Alonso. Massa will get back to me. I'm not sure when I'll leave Maranello. And, I'm not sure what to do in Munich when I get back. I'm checking back-in into to the ArtHotel Munich.

- 12/5: The Welt and Big Day. A long time coming. Check-in is around 9:10 am and delivery is around 10:40am. Of course, I'm going to do everything at the Welt, plus the factory tour. I hope the weather and the roads are good so I can drive my car on it's summer tires. It's coming with the standard 18" wheels. If the weather is crap, I'm just handing the keys back.

- 12/6: Departure. My flight departs at 3:50pm. So I'll have some time quality time with my new car or I'll see some sights before I go.

What do you guys think?