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Originally Posted by Rossifumi View Post
A million dollars?
Get real, money is there to be used.

I saved money for a couple of months to buy my set of HRE's. I don't get some people's attitude against buying cars. There is no medal to be earned if you pay cash. You ain't a better person. I rather pay my car out of my monthly paycheck than to leave a $100 000 hole in my bank account (price for the 335 where I live). But all this is just my opinion. I rather live my life full of the stuff I want than die with a bank account full of money.
We just have different views, no wrong or right, I dont know how it is in Europe, but I just dont believe in throwing away money on interest on a car loan, also I plan to retire at 65 years old, and need to plan to live 20 years without a paycheck for me and my wife, so I'd be surprised if a million would cover that since inflation is going up every day, but then you could be right could just die tomorrow and not have to worry about those things. But if I die tomorrow, I'll have peace that I left my son with some security.