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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Very nice. I love it. If you dont mind me asking how much was the front bumper? And when you say the fit was almost perfect, what did you mean? Did you have to modify anything?
The bumper fit like a glove meaning fitment and everything lined up nicley. We did have to customize some things for example there was a plastic piece on the old bumper that had to be cut and reused on the new bumper to screw into the fender liner properly. The 1m ducting will not work with the f30 so u really need to fabricate some sort of mesh grill to have your original ducts function properly. The underneath may require some additional screws and drilling to line up. It seems worse than it is trust me. I am anal and OCD and want everything properly fitted and went the extra mile to have it like factory. If anyone wants to do i def would suggest it. Although most of the customizing and figuring out was done by my fellow e39 friends if anyone wants to do it feel free to pm me. If u don't care about having all the ducting lined up you could essentially take the old bumper off and put the new one on with minimum modification. I am trying to see if ltbmw will fabricate some sort of mesh grill that will go over the openings were the fog lights were so all the original ducting could be functional. If not then you will have to fabricate your own mesh grill.

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