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I simply love the F31. I agree with many others here, that like the F10/11, the touring design works better. Inside, the panoramic sunroof creates a very spacious ambiance.

For those who own an F31...would a 56cm (size L) Scott Foil bike fit in the back with the seats folded down? I can remove the front wheel, but I don't want to touch the height of my seat post as I had the bike computer fitted and its so PERFECT I'd never get it back to this exact position if I move it!

The other aspect of my dilemma is...would you move on from a 2 year old E92 325i coupe that has been wonderful in all respects? Now that I'm much more into triathlons than I was when I bought the coupe, I'm really value the practicality of the F31 over my E92, but I also value the hit I'd take on depreciation as I move to a car that remains less stylish but more useful than the car I'd be parting company with.

As the 330d is not available and will not likely be available in Taiwan, my other decision is a 320d in Luxury line only, or a 328i in Sport line only. Not a lot of flexibility given the small market for this car in Taiwan. Any thoughts on this?