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Originally Posted by nbennettksu View Post
that thing on the fender, to me, looks out of place... it doesnt flow with anything on the body. smh
...And I'm willing to bet it stays. When the F10 M5 concept was released in concept form, there were more than a few people who were not pleased about the GM-like chrome grille on the fender and were hoping that it was just a concept design. I'm actually a fan of the design, makes it more sporty and separates it from the 3-Series, but not a fan how it's not colored the same as the body as it is on the 6-Series.

While the 6-Series is a good looking car and will translate nicely to the 4-Series (seriously, how odd does it look to see "435i" and "440i"?), I'm disappointed that BMW has followed Mercedes/Audi where models become derivatives of each other (X6 = X4, 6-Series = 4-Series). But I guess the more models you have, the less time you have to actually to design a car independent of other cars in the line up (E90 vs. E92).

One thing I'm already a fan of is the overall body/shape/stance, it looks far more sporty than the E92 that looks more luxury when compared to the F32 just like the F30 when compared to the E90.