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As someone else stated earlier... Finally!

This all looks very promising to me! What an improvement over the E92. This car looks so much sleeker, with a much more dynamic profile.

Comparing the F32 to the E92 and E46, I noticed that the side window area is a lot smaller on the new car, and a lot lower. This combined with the more aggressive hofmeister-kink looks great! Also, the rear window is moved down/backwards, closer to the end of the car, which adds to the sportiness. Considering the fact that this is only a sport line, it looks rather aggressive. I am very eager to see what the M-sport Package will look like on this model. Just like the F30, I think this is finally a real worthy successor to the E46. It looks absolutely amazing!

That said, there is always room for improvement. I'm a bit skeptical about the air-curtain. As someone previously stated - I love the concept, but it just looks a bit out of place really. I think they should've incorporated it into the line following the side profile. Also, I'm a bit said that BMW - once again, like the E92, decided to skip the flared wheel arches. At first I thought the car looked rather high, then I realized this was due to the large gap between the fender and side windows. Then I compared it to the E46 and it seems as if the distance is more or less the same, however the flared wheel arch tricks the eye (at least my eyes..) Here is a comparison between the E46 and the F32. Notice the wide front wheel arches, and rear wheel arches evident on the E46. Also, it seems like we won't be seeing the electric outwards-opening rear windows on the F32 either.

All of this aside, I love the new car. I can't wait for the official unveiling!

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