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Originally Posted by 517
Yes, the F32 concept will be at NAIAS. How do I know? Well, cool story. I am disabled and in a wheelchair. Last year the BWM display at the NAIAS was on a raised platform but the bastards didn't have a ramp (!), so I couldn't wheel onto it to look up close at the then-new F30. I was kind of pissed, but what are you going to do.

My dealership's general manager got me the email address of the project manager for BMW's NAIAS display in Munich. I emailed him and politely told him about the issue with their display. He was very apologetic and said he would like to "welcome me" to next year's show and meet me. I also asked about the F32 for shits and giggles. He said that he obviously couldn't divulge product info, but that "it may be worthwhile" to look at this year's LA Auto Show.

The guy emailed me out of the blue last week, asked how I was doing, and offered, as a condolence for my troubles last year, credentials for me to go to the show on day two of press days on January 15! Sweet! He also mentioned that he can't, again, give me an official statement about the F32, but not to bother with the LA Auto Show because the NAIAS "will be a lot more interesting."

PS: I didn't tell him I traded in my E92 for an A5 last February! (I still love Bimmers, but my car was old, I wanted something new, and didn't feel like waiting for the F32 - this is my first Audi and it is NICE.)
Now that is awesome! You going to detroit or la? If i see you im gonna hollaaaaa! Haha

Edit: didnt read through. Dont bother with LA =(