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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
That stinks but couldn't you have moved it to a family or friends property at higher ground?

I know a dealership near me that moved every single car off its lot and onto higher ground, well in advance of the storm.
This area hasn't had this kind of flood water in over 100 years. Even with Hurricane Irene which caused a ton of water to come in only a few blocks away left these parts dry.

No one predicted this kind of storm surge, even the worst case scenarios. There was flood damage so far away you could literally walk for almost 30 minutes from where flood water reached, to where the water starts in some areas.

My friend moved his brand new F30 to higher ground...and the car was stolen during the storm. Can't believe what kind of scumbag it takes to go out looting during a disaster. That's kind kind of person that needs to DIAF.
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