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Any advice on selling my audi before F30 arrives

My F30 has left the port so should be here soon. Whilst I am very excited, I am seemingly having great difficulty in shifting my current Audi and would appreciate fellow forum members' advice. I have little experience in selling cars privately apart from my Z4m which sold easily.

Thus far I have tried ebay twice (got to 8k), autotrader and pistonheads for 5 weeks (no interest) and contacted BCA auctions who reckon it is worth 7.5k in an auction. Dealer offered my 7.75k part ex but ordered new car anyway so guess he doesn't care.

The private sale price is somewhere between 9-10k and she is still under warranty from Audi (advert link below).

I am not trying to advertise her via the forum but would appreciate any personal experiences of trying to shift prestige metal or pointers incase my advert maybe putting people off. Thanks for your help.